The Wheel of Time Amazon Prime series

With the TV adaption coming this Friday, I highly encourage people to pick up this meaty novel. I, too, began series when I was a teen. I was 15 years old, a nerd for all things dragons. I had finished all of Anne McCaffrey books and ready for my next dragon novel. This series instantlyContinue reading “The Wheel of Time Amazon Prime series”

Late to the game, as usual but…

As usual, I’m always late to games and life in general and I just discovered Ready Player One. Not long ago, people talked about Ready Player Two coming out and I, being myself, didnt really pay attention to it. Now I’ve watched the movie: Ready Player One, and I loved it. Absolutely. I’m a fan.Continue reading “Late to the game, as usual but…”

What is COBRA Files and what is Spirit of The Ancients?

A quick answer. Spirit of The Ancients is my running series title. Then I have books within the series. Currently working on Cobra Files. 3 are out and another 3 will be out during 2021. It’s about the COBRA Agents in the story, a fallen Great House, once in line to be rulers. Now they’reContinue reading “What is COBRA Files and what is Spirit of The Ancients?”

~It’s been a while, time to catch up~

I want to make this a short summary and reintroductory. What can I say? Its been a while. Over a year in fact since I’ve updated my website. What happened? Life. Depression. 2020. You know, the things you’ve already heard from countless other people and voices. Before the pandemic became a pandemic, I was hitContinue reading “~It’s been a while, time to catch up~”

Turning 30 Ain’t That Bad

Start with a memory of your early childhood. You remember that time your mother brought over one of her friends and you couldn’t help but think just how old she looked compared to your brothers? She looked ancient around your never-aging-mother. When you tentatively asked, “How old are you?” Mother scoffs. She laughs. “I amContinue reading “Turning 30 Ain’t That Bad”

The One That Captured Our Hearts

“We all remember a time from so long ago, when we struggled with reading a book.   “Sam has a brown dog. Sam wears a blue hat. Sam walks the dog.” As our reading level improved, so did our interest in what we read. We learned what we like to read and over time we learned that the library held books with amazing stories waiting for us to open them. We grew olderContinue reading “The One That Captured Our Hearts”