The One That Captured Our Hearts

“We all remember a time from so long ago, when we struggled with reading a book.

  “Sam has a brown dog. Sam wears a blue hat. Sam walks the dog.”

As our reading level improved, so did our interest in what we read. We learned what we like to read and over time we learned that the library held books with amazing stories waiting for us to open them.

We grew older and we read more. For those avid readers that consumed many books, they learned what they like to see in a book, enjoyed certain genres that took their interest.

I remember when I took a liking to reading, I was in fifth grade. For many years I disliked reading the Red book, the blue book and progressing to those hardcovers books with multiple stories in them. And I loathed it when our teachers would want us to do book reports (though the book report itself is fun). Reading was a nightmare. I could never find something that I enjoyed.

That was until I walked into the library that one morning. I rolled my eyes as I remember my teacher telling us that we had to return last weeks books and get a new one. As I checked in my books and turned down an isle, I remember when my eyes fell on the beautiful blue book with a mysterious white horse on the cover. I remember its title very well in my mind that can I see it now as I am writing this; The Ghost Horse.

I felt like the lights above me dimmed as I reached over to the book shelf with its tightly placed books to the book that was not in its place. It was no thicker than a dime is wide. I held it before my eyes, marveling at such a beautiful cover. My finger trailed the titles name and I remember reading the first couple of pages in the half hour of library time we had. Time itself sped away and it was the first time I had sunk into a book, pulled away by a whirl pool of emotions and sensations rather than cool water. My first time reading a book that truly captured my heart and got me on the path of reading books for the pleasure of it.

Do you remember your first time enjoying a book?

Published by Mercedez Rose

Fantasy/Sci-fi Author. Baby Toe Muncher. Parrot Queen.

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