Welcome to the world of Nevidos. A planet where the very resources corrupt the land, the water and the lives all around them. A planet of mystery and a world verging on the edge of extinction.

“Sometimes, in order to do good, you have to be bad… 


“…and that means we do things we do not want to do.” – Director Voren

The land is dying, the planet’s resources are spilling out and corrupting the world of life with power and greed… and the undead. The Fires of Chaos begins to fade as the world of the undead walk amongst the living. Balance has been disrupted. The time has come for the ancient shadow king to rise once more, threatening the survival of everything to be held dear.

Tsuske and his team of COBRA are on an assignment given to them by the lord emperor and ruler of the world. Specializing in intelligence, reconnaissance and espionage; and even abducting pregnant women. As the world goes asunder, will kidnapping the last living Athaian help put the scales of balance back together or will the world begin to burn in fire as the emperor’s gluttony for power know’s no bounds?