The Wheel of Time Amazon Prime series

With the TV adaption coming this Friday, I highly encourage people to pick up this meaty novel.

I, too, began series when I was a teen. I was 15 years old, a nerd for all things dragons. I had finished all of Anne McCaffrey books and ready for my next dragon novel. This series instantly attracted my attention.

Needless to say I was a little disheartened that being the Dragon wasnt actually a dragon! However, that first chapter had me captivated and I binged these books.

When Robert Jordan died, I was heart broken for and his family and the unfinished story. He had only finished 11 of his books and the story needed an ending!

I wasnt happy when Brandon Sanderson took it over, not initially. How DARE someone else finish my beloved favorite authors work. I’m so happy my fears were unfounded as Brandon Sanderson did remarkably.

It was because of the Wheel of Time last three books finished by Brandon Sanderson that I began reading Brandon Sandersons works. My whole world of fantasy opened up even further.

If you’re seeing the Amazon Prime trailer on The Wheel of Time, I highly recommend the books too. They’re phenomenal.

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