What is COBRA Files and what is Spirit of The Ancients?

A quick answer.

Spirit of The Ancients is my running series title.

Then I have books within the series. Currently working on Cobra Files. 3 are out and another 3 will be out during 2021.

It’s about the COBRA Agents in the story, a fallen Great House, once in line to be rulers. Now they’re servants to the empire, and every Great House donates a child to the cause of COBRA. It’s a high risk career. Its darl and can be gritty.

You follow Tsuske and his team.

They have to do the emperors bidding, while protecting the empire, uncovering the mysteries of the spirits and the fading technology, all while discovering hidden conspiracies that could change how these people see the world and their roles in it.

After these 3 books. I’ll put a pause on the snakes and work on a few books to show case some popular, loved and hated characters. Lazarus and Uriel, how they rose to warriors and forgotten heros.

A standalone about Pearl.

Maybe even some short stories about Professor Yoshi Nakamatsu.

Definitely more short stories in general. I need some reader magnets and short stories to help show this giant world off.

And let’s not forget the dark fairytales of the western kingdoms. I’d love to show them off a little before we get into the main events of the series.

So that’s what Spirit of The Ancients is (title of series) and what Cobra Files is. Soon there will be more working titles under the SOTA brand.

To find out what it means, Spirit of The Ancients, well you’ll have to follow the series.

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Fantasy/Sci-fi Author. Baby Toe Muncher. Parrot Queen.

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