The Innocence of Youth

(picture credit goes to: HRISHIRAJ GAWALI Illistrations)

This picture captures something very realistic.

My husband is a handyman type of man. He owns his own business. When he comes home, I can tell when he’s had a bad day. The way his shoulders slump forward, the way he walks, the crook of his neck. He tries to stand straight but it looks like he has weights to his arms and gravity is dragging him down.

Kids never realize this. They see their parents as healthy and whole, strong and fit. Even when they’re in debilitating pain. Kids think a kiss and a hug will make it feel better. Parents are the pillars that keep their world up.

I often have to reign our kids in when Daddy comes home. He wont tell them to stop jumping on him when he is in pain. So I do it for him.

“Give daddy a moment to come inside and take off his shoes.” Then I offer to get him water and ibuprofen.

Such is the innocence and naivety of being so young.

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Fantasy/Sci-fi Author. Baby Toe Muncher. Parrot Queen.

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