Dont be a thief

I’m seeing something that really disturbs me.

Plagiarism. Not by pirates but by authors stealing another authors works.

How could an author completely plagiarize another very popular authors books? Line for line? Word for word?

Its just… why would someone throw away their career and brand and be known as a thief, liar and a plagiarist? They’ll never have readers again. Their writing career is over. Forever.

I’m deeply disturbed by this.

If you’re looking to write. I implore you to not plagiarize because readers will know. And your entire writing career will be over.

Its OK to have INSPIRATION. I’m inspired daily by books I really enjoy and love. Inspiration is fine. Stealing words, line for line, word for word, that’s just wrong.

Dont do it.

Published by Mercedez Rose

Fantasy/Sci-fi Author. Baby Toe Muncher. Parrot Queen.

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