This is my first year doing NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). I began on Saturday, November 2nd.

Originall I had planned to write 20-30K novella times 3. Yes, I was planning on writing a novella trilogy staring Ara Macao of Last of Her People.

On November 2nd and 3rd, and 9th, 10th, and 11th, I wrote this story. And it is finished. Sitting at 44K. It still needs editing on the last 50% of the book as I used Dragon dictation and still learning that device. Perhaps this story and its two sequels will be closer to 50K than I imagine?

It looks like this story is not going to be a novella trilogy. But we’ll see. This Friday-Sunday I will begin book 2. Maybe I’ll finish it in 5 days, too?


Five years ago, December 2014. That was when I began writing my series, officially. You see I began back when I was twelve years old and still knew to the world. I was young and full of youth and vitality. I was a vivid dreamer and wrote my dreams down. One dream in particular was like a mosquito on a hot summer evening–it continued to seek me out every night, despite my wishes.

Now, nearly 18 years later, I am now done with the first book to that dream. The story is called Spirit of the Ancients and I have been working on these books for the last five years. Believe it or not, I have 5 books handwritten and ready to be typed up. I have successfully typed up and prepared two of those five books (5 books of a planned 12 to 15 book series!).

Since beginning my writing journey, I have come to realize despite loving to handwrite my story, typing is so much faster and easier for me now. I suppose I have gotten a lot of practice typing up the first two books and doing major bouts of editing.

Speaking of editing…

Back in August of this year (2019), I decided to split book 1 into two different books. It was a massive tome, sitting at 254K words. Now its at a much more respectable, enjoyable read.

I had planned on finishing the separation of 254K and the major edits that requires by October 2019, but unfortunately, my son who was 4mo at the time, had severe cholic. Now at 5mo, he still has it but it is slowly easing up, which allowed me to finally complete book 1. After 6 rounds of self edits, it is ready to see a *REAL* editor. I am so happy.

Today I ran my first advertisement

Today, in the world of Nevidos, the spirit of the ancients sang to me. I have took one of the first steps that a new authors takes to share her world with the world. I have created my first advertisement on FB.

The series that I am writing, Spirit of the Ancients, will be coming out early 2020. I am hoping to make in New Year’s when the first book launches. It will be a first of many. Five books are already written at around 115-125K each, marking them as decent sized novels. The plan is for these first five books in the series, to all be released in 2020.

So goes the plan.

Now, time to begin my morning editing process.

Mercedez Rose